Roll Mats (6)

If you’re searching for a fuss-free camping mat, look no further than our classic roll mat. Made from a single sheet of EVA foam, it’s incredibly easy to set up and pack away. Ready to use it? Simply roll it out and away you go. When you want to hit the road, simply roll it back up and secure the roll straps. The mat is also lightweight and compact to easily carry. This makes it perfect for strapping to the outside of a backpack if you’re going on a hiking or bikepacking trip. We’ve designed the roll mat in in a choice of colours and styles, including a roll mat with a contoured base to evenly distribute your weight and provide sensational support and comfort. We also stock a heat reflective mat which is lined with aluminium foil. The foil is designed to reflect your body heat back towards you which helps to increase your warmth and comfort when the temperature drops at night. It’s a top choice for winter camping!
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